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How to Avoid Gift Theft at Your Wedding

Have you heard the wedding day horror stories of cash and gifts going missing? Read on to find out how to protect your gifts and avoid theft at your wedding!
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Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, but with the extravaganza, there is also the risk of gift theft or misplacement.

Our wedding gifts are something that we cherish and are precious to us.

One of the biggest concerns related to wedding security is the theft of gifted valuables. However, a majority of the websites available for tips and advice about wedding security tend to focus on preventing any sort of crime from happening. Most of these articles do not cover protections for your cash gifts or other valuables. Instead, many focus on protecting the newlyweds from personal harm or danger. 

We've all been to that wedding. You know, the one with the giant stack of envelopes and gifts in a corner of the room ✉️. It's like a neon sign for thieves. 

I have seen several videos in the local news of someone gifting a large amount of money or expensive items during their wedding day and then getting robbed.

It's a logistical nightmare to deal with gifts while travelling, too. Many people wait until they get back from their honeymoon to even begin opening presents, which means gifts could be sitting unopened in a hotel lobby or next to a pool for weeks. 

Protecting our gifts while also avoiding theft is easier than you think.

In some cases, all it takes is a little more mindfulness and preparation to ensure that our special day goes smoothly, so let's take a look at what you can do 🔒. 

Your wedding day is a very busy time, so it's tough to keep a tight rein on everything and the easiest way to guarantee your wedding day security is to take inventory of your belongings before the ceremony so that you're prepared for any situation. This can be done with your bridesmaids or with family members who will be helping you get ready beforehand. 

It's also a good idea to go over what would happen if something went missing or was stolen at the venue or another location — instead of panicking, calmly discuss with your planner and/or partner about what would happen and how they would handle this situation. You'll be putting your mind at ease, which will help keep you calm during the big day.

Wedding Day Horrors  

The day of the wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. But no one tells you all the ways it can go wrong. We've all seen social media posts about wedding day disasters. 

Usually, it's the bride and groom who have to deal with setbacks on their special day, but sometimes bad luck can strike guests too. That's what happened to my sister when she got married last year. She and her husband were ready for a few hiccups, but nothing could prepare them for theft on their wedding day. 

They had heard about wedding gifts going missing before, so they knew they needed a cash box. They put it in a safe place between two bridal party members, who were assigned to keep an eye on it throughout the night. 

The plan worked fine — until it didn't 😟. 

In the midst of all the fun, the cashbox went missing and chaos ensued as everyone tried to find it, ruining their hair and makeup in the process. We later learned that some of my friends had their purses stolen that night, too.

A friend also told me that at a recent wedding they attended, the cash box went missing, causing chaos, only to be found in someone's trunk a couple of hours later.  

The couple had set up a cash box in their reception venue, encouraging guests to put cash gifts in it — something that is becoming more common at weddings. 

The newlyweds planned to take the cash box home with them after their reception, but lost track of it throughout the night. Although they found the cashbox, the night could have ended very differently.

Gifts Can Go Missing 

While some venues have gift attendants who monitor the gift table throughout the night, the reality is that most reception halls do not. The more guests you invite to your wedding, the harder it becomes to keep track of them all. 

The good news is there's an easy way for couples to protect themselves from this type of theft: by using a digital cash wedding registry. Many couples choose to forego traditional gifts in favour of digital cash wedding registries because they don't want to spend time opening gifts after their reception or have to worry about shipping fragile items home after the event.

If you're getting married and are considering a registry, keep reading

The idea of a cash wedding registry may make you feel nervous or awkward, but I'm here to show you it can be done — and done well. If your first thought when you hear "cash gift" is "$20 in a card," think again. Today's cash registries are more like a link or a personal website where guests can go to contribute to your big day. While they may seem impersonal compared to the traditional gift registries, gifts sent via cash registries can actually be personalized and are much more convenient for both the bride and groom and their guests.

As a member of Gen Z, I know that digitization can be a secure way to update the manual way we doing things today💻 — including sending cash gifts for at weddings. Here's how to get started. 

The Perks of a Cash Registry 

Why choose a cash wedding registry?

We’re living in a digital age where everything is done online. While many have their doubts, as a member of Gen Z, I know that the digitization can increase the efficiency and security behind activities that we currently do — including sending money gifts at weddings. 

Online banking, shopping, and even sharing information online is becoming the new norm. With so much being done digitally, it was only a matter of time before wedding registries followed suit. 

Nowadays, couples can use online tools that let them create registries and make it easy for guests to access them.

Technology innovations such as Evstry offer cash registries that let guests pay directly through the platform using Stripe integrated payments, so you never have to worry about storing physical cash or checks 💳. Evstry also allows hosts to track RSVPs and gifts and even personalized messages that guests can send to the happy couple. With just one click you can register your wedding at www.evstry.com and share it with all your guests. It makes receiving gifts easier and more convenient for you and your guests. Check out our blog post here on why and how to ask for cash instead of physical gifts.

Advantages of using Evstry: 

1. Your guests can gift any time that suits them best using their preferred method of payment.
2. You can keep track of your gifts and know exactly who gifted you what. 
3. You can easily manage your registry and check RSVPs or total guest count from anywhere.

Couples can access their Evstry registries from anywhere in the world through their phones or tablets anytime — 24/7/365 — which means guests don't have to worry about rushing to buy a gift before the store closes on Saturday night or getting stuck in traffic on their way to buy something on Sunday afternoon.

You’re already stressed enough on the day of your own wedding; you don’t need to be worried about losing the cash box (check out our blog post about how to remain stress free on the day of your wedding here).Don’t let your wedding day be ruined by petty theft. Evstry's digital cash registry will ensure that your guests can securely and conveniently gift you on your big day. Wedding gift management: check!✔️.  

Visit www.evstry.com or follow us on Instagram to learn more about how we are improving the way gift giving is done.


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