The Hows and Whys of Gifting Cash

Is the worst part about going to a wedding deciding what to gift? Do you leave getting a gift to the last minute? Read on to see how you can make gifting easier on everyone.
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The best wedding gifts are always cash.

I am not saying that because I am in a relationship where the financial burden of gift-giving has fallen on my partner. It's not because I am lazy and would rather give a cheque than actually think about what a couple might want, or even because I am a young person who likes to transact in cold hard digital dollars. (Though yes, those things are all true 🤫.)

It is because cash is something you can put towards your existing priorities — be it paying off debt, taking a vacation, or saving for retirement. It’s not one more thing you must house in your home or add to the 17 different coffee mugs you already own. Cash is thoughtful. It can be spent on what matters most to each couple — whether that means using it to fund their honeymoon or investing it in their future together.

Read on to see the reasons why you should give cash as a wedding gift and how to do it in a personalized, tasteful, and efficient way.

The Why

While it may seem impersonal, cash is an easy, safe bet because almost everyone can use it! It’s a gift that every couple needs and appreciates.

It's what they want and it's easy.

When you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift, think about what the couple might want or need. Giving money allows them to buy exactly that without worrying about returning it. Chances are you know the couple well enough to know if they would appreciate some extra cash for their honeymoon or a new air conditioner. (Hint: Who wouldn't want more money when they get married?)

The whole process of asking for and giving wedding gifts is a lot of trouble, don't you think? So why not skip the hassle and give cash to the couple instead? As a result, gift-giving isn’t awkward or confusing for guests like it is for many other gifts.

Cash makes the most sense if:
  • You don't know the couple well.
  • You have to travel to the wedding (check out our blog post on destination wedding tips here).
  • The couple is moving out of the country.
  • The couple wants help with their honeymoon fund.
  • The couple has lived on their own for a while and already has the kitchen sink (and then some).

Almost everyone can use cash in some way whether they're paying down debt or buying their first home together. If you're looking for other ways to make your gift-giving experience easier, giving cash is a great way to do it.

The How

Now, are you looking to give a cash gift to the happy couple but don’t know the right way to give it to them? Don’t worry — you are not alone. Cash gifts on wedding days are gaining popularity, but the actual giving of the money can sometimes be confusing. 

If you've ever given cash as a gift, there's a good chance that you're familiar with the awkwardness of handing over a wad of cash in an envelope. 90% of couples would rather receive cash than a physical present. But even if they prefer money over gifts, that doesn't make handing over a check any less uncomfortable!

If you're planning on giving cash as a wedding present and want to know how to do so without awkwardness, here are some tips:

1. Budget first 💰

Choose how much money to give. Again, this depends on who you are in relation to the couple as well as what your budget looks like. If you're in a position where you can afford it, often relatives and close friends of the couple will give $200 or more while others might contribute $75 or less. But don't feel like you have to spend a lot; any amount is appreciated by couples who are just starting out and need some assistance.

2. Do your research ✍️

It's always best to find out if they have a gift registry or if they've set up a cash registry before you make any decisions. Most couples want their guests to be able to give them what they need and want (not more useless kitchen gadgets).

3. Send early 🕐

Wedding gifts are typically sent ahead of time so that they arrive before the wedding day and can be secured safely until after the wedding. If you're going to give a monetary wedding gift, it's best to send it at least two weeks in advance.

4. Go digital 💻

When you receive a wedding invitation, you'll want to send the happy couple their money digitally, through their online cash registry. Cash registries like Evstry avoid any possible loss or theft and ultimately reduce big day stress (check out our blog on how to avoid wedding gift theft here). Evstry is an online payment platform for friends and family to contribute money as wedding gifts as well as RSVP and send personalized messages.

Giving money as a gift is nothing new. And yet, the act still manages to leave some people feeling uneasy. What if it's not enough? What if it's too much? What if the recipient thinks you're being cheap? 

One way to ensure your cash gift is memorable is to personalize it.

Monetary gifts are always appreciated, but by putting a little thought into the gift, you can turn a generic gesture into something more meaningful and memorable for the happy couple. To make a cash gift feel more personal and thoughtful, we're sharing some ideas below:

  • Write a message. If you feel that a monetary gift is impersonal, you can send it with a personalized note. Write out all the reasons why you think this person deserves the gift and how much they mean to you. This will make the recipient feel very special.
  • Film your own video using Evstry. You can record your video, upload it directly to the couple’s registry, and then send it along with your cash gift. This will allow the recipient to watch or read your message whenever and wherever they want! 

If you're going to gift cash, it's best to use a cash registry like Evstry. It makes things easier for both the hosts and the guests. Cash registries allow friends and family members to give cash gifts online. They're like online gift registries for your favourite store, but instead of giving a blender or an electric grill, guests are giving cold, hard cash 🤑. This also makes them the perfect solution for anyone who wants to send a monetary gift but can't make it to the wedding. Through Evstry, you can include a message from the heart or make a video that can be shared.

Now, picture this… You're shopping last minute. Maybe your flight was delayed, or work was crazy busy and now you only have an hour before the reception starts and everyone will be there! 

Using Evstry, you can gift when you RSVP, or gift when you’re on the way there, on the dance floor, and even on your way home by choosing to gift later.

On another note, if you have no idea how much money to give as a wedding gift or don't quite have enough cash on hand, using Evstry is the perfect way to contribute what you can when you can. 

if you're going to gift cash, it's best to use a cash registry like Evstry. Messages and gifts are in one place, they can't go missing, and hosts can even send a thank you note directly through the site so everyone can focus on having fun at the wedding. Gift cash.

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