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Hello Evstry.

Evstry is an all-in-one cash gift registry platform that enables hosts to set up events, create and send out invites, track RSVPs and accept cash gifts digitally.

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Send money from anywhere and at anytime

● Personalize gifts with a memorable video or written message
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Send personalized cash gifts directly to family and friends for less than the price of an average greeting card

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● Create events and send out invites to guests
● Track RSVPs in real time and send out reminders
● Accept cash gifts digitally and keep track of who gifted what

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With Evstry you can say no to...

With Evstry
You Can Say No To...

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  • Enter Recipient Email Address or Select Event
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  • Personalize Gift with a Video or Written Message
  • Select Gift Amount and Send Gift using
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All your questions, answered.

Is Evstry Safe and Secure for Hosts and Guests?


Evstry is a Canadian based technology company with all of its infrastructure and servers located in Canada.

The Evstry website is protected with SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer (look for the lock icon next to the URL in your browser). An SSL certificate verifies the identity of a website and ensures that any personal information that you input, such as your name, email or password on the site, is secure. We only collect limited personal information (which is never shared or sold) and do not collect any financial or banking information.

When setting up an event, hosts will be required to create a Stripe account in order to receive the payout. Stripe is recognized as one of the most reliable payment infrastructure systems in the world and is trusted by millions of businesses globally, including Google, Amazon, Shopify and Zoom.

This means that all personal information and cash gifts are protected and secure with Stripe. Evstry does not have access to the cash gifts at any time.


In order for guests to send hosts a gift, guests will be required to enter their preferred method of payment into a secure Stripe checkout screen. Information entered within the checkout screen is completely encrypted and protected by Stripe. Evstry does not collect nor store any payment information.

How Much Does Evstry Cost?

Evstry enables cash gifting for a single low Stripe processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per cash gift. This covers the Stripe processing transaction fee that is incurred for processing payments online.

The host will have the ability to determine whether this fee is absorbed by them or by their guests during the event creation process.

In addition, Evstry will be offered to hosts for completely free in 2022 (a $99 value).

How Do Guests Find a Registry?

Each event will have a personalized URL link and QR code that hosts can share with guests. Guests will have to use this link or QR code to access a host’s registry.

How Do Hosts See who has RSVP’d and Given a Gift?

Hosts can log into Evstry using their unique username and password to access the personalized dashboard. The real-time dashboard provides hosts with an updated summary of RSVPs and gifts received.At the end of an event, hosts will be able to download a Gift Report, which outlines and summarizes guests RSVPs and gifts.

Evstry cash registry personalized dashboard. Track RSVPs, Gifts, Event Countdown, invitations
How Long Will it Take for Hosts to Receive their Gifts?

There is a 7 day waiting period from the time the host receives their first gift to the first payout from Stripe. Payouts are sent directly to the host’s bank account. After this period, hosts can change the payout frequency in their Stripe dashboard, which can be accessed directly from their Evstry account.