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Is Evstry Safe and Secure?

Evstry is a Canadian based technology company with all of its infrastructure and servers located in Canada.

The Evstry website is protected with SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer (look for the lock icon next to the URL in your browser). An SSL certificate verifies the identity of a website and ensures that any personal information that you input, such as your name, email or password on the site is secure. We only collect limited personal information (which is never shared or sold) and do not collect any financial or banking information.

Evstry links to and interfaces with the third-party payment services of Zūm Rails, Inc. (“Zūm Rails”), which permits Guests to send gifts to Hosts registered with the Site or to other Evstry users. Zum Rails offers a payment gateway and ecosystem to its users, where they can process digital payments, such as Interac, EFT, ACH, Visa Direct and credit card, send and manage invoicing and subscriptions, utilize aggregated customer data to prevent fraud, verify and collect KYC data, as well as pull and analyze reports.

Zum Rails is trusted by companies such as Desjardins, Questrade and Coinsquare.

How Much Does Evstry Cost?

Evstry charges a single Platform Fee of $2.99 per gift sent. If credit card is being used as the method of payment, the user will be charged an additional Processing Fee of 3% + $0.30 per gift. This Processing Fee covers transaction and cash management fees that are incurred for processing payments online.

Example 1: When a guest sends a $100 gift using Interac as the payment method, a $2.99 Platform Fee is charged, which brings the total cost of sending the gift to $102.99.

Example 2: When a guest sends a $100 gift using credit card as the payment method, a $2.99 Platform Fee and a $3.39 Processing Fee are charged, which brings the total cost of sending the gift to $106.38.

Evstry does not charge users to withdraw funds from their Evstry wallet into their bank account.

How Do I Send a Gift to Someone who is not already an Evstry User?

After clicking on “My Gifts”, Evstry users can enter the name and email address of their gift recipient, even if the recipient is not currently an Evstry user. Once the gift has been sent, the gift recipient will receive an email from Evstry informing them about the gift and instructions on creating an account.

Who Do I Contact for Additional Information?

We are always here to help. Please reach out to us at hello@evstry.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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